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Just a quick update as it might be the last for a little bit. The big news is that Matt and I are both now doubly employed! Matt has a job washing dishes at a fancy restaurant which is I'm told incredibly monotonous and mind-numbing, but he likes it for now and gets a free (and damn good) meal each shift made by one of the chefs. I have a job at the poutine place I mentioned before, I've had orientation on the weekend and then today had my training shift with a few others. Also got to try it which I've been looking forward to and it didn't disappoint, who would have thought chips, cheese and gravy would be so good? We also both have work at the hostel temporarily, we're working Tuesday-Friday through the day doing general cleaning duties which earns us two weeks worth of rent. Unfortunately for Matt this means that he is currently in day 3 of an 11 straight days of working, but it's only once and it's worth the payoff, it took a little longer than thought to get jobs so this makes up for it. Unfortunately with us being hard-working boys again we probably won't have much to report over the next week or two.

Last Monday I decided a couple of hours before the show started that I wanted to go and see The Killers perform. And after a bit of convincing got Matt around to my way of thinking, there was a lot of "we didn't come all this way to sit in the hostel," and "you're going to have to listen to me go on about how good it was for a long time." And for the record he didn't regret paying the $80 to see them afterwards. Unfortunately because of the lateness of our decision to attend we got stuck with pretty rubbish seats but the place was more Challenge Stadium sized and not Subiaco Oval so we could still see pretty well. They put on a massive light show with lasers and sparks and explosions and the works. They played a good amount of their older catalogue as well which I loved, the newer material didn't seem to connect as well with the audience.


Later in the week we returned to Stanley Park to see 2 million Christmas lights illuminate a section of the park. Yes, it was as romantic as it sounds. Yes, Santa was there. Yes, there was a choo choo train ride. No, we did not go on it as much as we may have wanted to. Here's a couple of photos:



That's it for now, as I said it might be a while before we have anything really exciting and new to write about. Missing the Chicken Treat, brownes, emu export, V, stable internet connection, hot weather and misses Mac's (get it?) pretty hard. However we have been forced to get into the kitchen a little bit out of necessity so that's arguably a good thing. Brightmans: I hope everything's going well with the new toy poodle and hope a passing hawk or eagle doesn't get peckish (pun intended).


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You're both doing so well. What amazing domestic skills you both had hidden nicely away!
Good luck with your employment.
Have you picked up any Canadian accent?

by Aunty Jenny

Great news. I hope you're memorising some tasty recipes to cook when you get home. The Christmas lights should be spectacular in Canada.

by Sharon58

Love the blog Corry keep it up. Matt recons that the dog is prey, and I have to agree with him. He could kill a large dog.......choke it as the fur ball goes down the throat.

by philandmel

Aunty Jenny, I've just aboot got it eh.

We had the first day of cleaning today, it was awful. The next three days will certainly be a struggle but more so for Matt who's just gone off for his night shift at the restaurant.

by mattandcorry

The photos of the lights are rather good :)
Matt might need some hand cream when he finishes his shift!

by Sharon58

See the weather is still rain, rain and more rain. Long range forecast says it will be sunny Xmas day for you. Had any snow yet?
hows the cost of living and exchange rate.
Our dollar is $1.05 US and they reckon $1.10 in the new year.
The Killers will be here for Big Day out shortly so K is happy about that.

by Jaydee

The cost of living is maybe slightly cheaper than Perth, which I found a bit strange but a few people have said Vancouver's a bit more expensive than the rest of the Canada and certainly America. The exchange rate is pretty similar too, last time I handed over $300 and I think I got given $304 or something.
We were meant to have snow last Sunday but it didn't happen unfortunately. It's cool seeing the mountains get a bit more snow on them every day. When we go to a mountain there'll be plenty so we're not too fussed for now. It rains pretty constantly but it's not heavy rain and it's easy to walk around in.

by mattandcorry

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