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I'm Steve Martin though

From Madrid the next week took us on an epic journey to Croatia via Venice. The quick version is this: bus back to Barcelona, taxi to airport, plane to Venice for a couple of days, train south along Italy to Ancona, ferry overnight to Croatia. Now for the long version. The reason we caught the bus back to Barcelona was because planes only flew direct to Venice from there and we needed to save those dollars. One $60 flight later we touched down in Venice late at night and went straight to sleep when we made it to our hostel. Unfortunately because we left all our arrangements a little late (for neither the first nor the last time) we had to stay in a pretty crappy hostel located off the main island, it was fine though apart from having only two showers for the entire hostel which is just madness. The next day we were off to the island where we met up with Kristen and Steph, the Melbourners we met in Paris and Barcelona and together we attempted to navigate our way through the labyrinth that is Venecia. The lack of roads made getting through it difficult because the map only shows the canals, so you could be walking along the footpath and it would suddenly end so you'd have to backtrack to find a bridge and then you're somewhere completely different and then you have to find another canal to get your bearings and it's all a big mess. Despite the confusion it was a good city to get lost in, there are some pretty impressive old buildings and canals of course so you're never without something pretty to look at. The most beautiful thing about Venice however is the pizza and ice cream shops, they're everywhere and so cheap it's dangerous, I don't think I've ever consumed so much pizza over a three day period in my life. So we spent the day walking around the entire island with the girls, we found most of the major attractions like St Mark's square and the Rialto bridge. Then in the late afternoon we got some drinks and sat along one of the canals for a couple of hours and befriended a couple of the local gondoliers as the passed by on their routes. The next day Matt and I went back but didn't really do much, just walked around the outside of part of the island and enjoyed the much missed sunshine.



You know someone's cool if they have a Bowie tattoo

The following day we boarded our train which took us south along the coast to a town called Ancona where we hopped straight onto a ferry. Well, when I think of a ferry I think of that thing that takes you to South Perth so I'd call it more of an ultra-ferry, it was pretty huge and carried cars and trucks as well as seven floors of people with a "nightclub" and a "casino" (both rubbish, but points for trying). Anyway we had bought the cheap seats which meant we didn't have a cabin or a bed however one of the advantages of being apparently the poorest in the land meant not a single other person was in our section, so we had a room with fifty seats and only the two of us. I was a tad worried I wouldn't be able to sleep at all being on the hard floor with no pillow or blankets but for some misguided reason I started watching Les Miserables and that sent me right off! So we arrived in Split at around 8am and managed to find our hostel. Split is this cool 700 year old city built mostly inside the walls of a castle, it's a beautiful place filled with history and amazing weather so naturally everyone goes there to get drunk. It really is a great place though with a harbour and that always has a concert or something going on and even though it was on just outside the walls of a 700 year old castle it felt incredibly modern. I'm realising now as I'm going through the photos that I really dropped the ball with the camera, especially with photos with us actually in them. But hey, thankfully there's google images, you know what we look like, just imagine us in them (sorry).

Sadly not the most uncomfortable sleep of the trip



While we were there we decided we'd see a national league football (soccer) game as it was affordable and of course European football (soccer) should be amazing, right!? Well it was riveting! Some of the most amazing sports we've ever seen! Zero to zero the entire time! We couldn't believe our eyes at the intensity of this eventful and action packed game. I realise my trademark sarcasm doesn't always come over the best in text so I feel the need to point it out, that was all bull (except the 0:0 part). It was so boring I was tempted to finish watching Les Mis, there were so many "injuries" it made synchronised swimming look masculine. The crowd were great though and actually the most entertaining part of the evening, they had flares and firecrackers and apparently some very potent red bull because they were cheering and dancing the entire time.


I know close games are more exciting but this is ridiculous

We did go on a tour run by the hostel though, we went out of town to Krka (don't ask me how to pronounce it) National Park. I don't really know what to say about it apart from it was real pretty and all that stuff. We spent the day with a couple from Norway and an eighteen year old from Boston with only one pair of socks. We walked around the whole place and swam in the stream near the waterfalls, it was pretty great. Really though we all just enjoyed the weather, it was absolutely perfect and wrongfully what we assumed the rest of Europe would be like. I know I keep going on about the weather but it was our first taste of summer in over a year so you'll have to give me a break. As I said there isn't much I can say about the park itself so just look at the photos.



Anyway that's it for now, we're in Belgium at the moment a little under two weeks out from boarding a plane home! We're both pretty excited to come back, 7 months has gotten to us a bit, we're both pretty constantly tired and sick of learning new public transport systems. Also Matt's hayfever is awakening homicidal tendencies I didn't know I had. But we're still having a ball and will be making the most of the next 11 days, we plan to go out with a bang.

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Venice sounds like fun, just walking around getting lost, but always something new around the corner. David Bowie fan, amazing how Ziggy Stardust is still cool. They're called Melbournians too by the way.

Liked your sleeping quarters on the ferry, that seat has some disgusting stains on it!

Soccer, the world game? and they say cricket is boring. No wonder there are riots after games, all that pent up anxiety and no one scores a goal all match.

Looks like you have been lucky and just missing all the floods too in Europe. Enjoy Belium, I was watching something on TV last night about WW1 in Belgium, I bet they hate the Germans still there, they did some pretty terrible things to them and we still dont know why to this day why, just mass shootings of innocent civilians and threw them in the river.

Anyway, Nan has been gone a week, I showed her how to do a blog like yours so try and go into it and leave her a comment, she'd be thrilled.

I hope Matt can get some anti hystamine for his hay fever, keep those homicidal tendencies in check, they might have the death penalty over there.

See you soon, make sure to do a blog brom Belgium, with pic's of you guys in some of the shots.


by Jaydee

They actually had a whole tonne of police in riot gear as we left the game just in case anyone decided to unleash their frustration. The didn't do anything, just stood there with their shields being intimidating.

by mattandcorry

So you're not planning to take up soccer when you get back. The stadium doesn't look very full in the photos. Dominoes just won't measure up now that you've tasted the real thing. I can't believe you didn't take more photos in Split!!! It's supposed to be an must see city in the region. Hope you have a great time in Bruges. Take photos, it looks awesome in the film.
Have stocked up on sausage rolls, chocolate wheatens, chips, hash browns etc. Looking forward to seeing you at the airport. love, Mum

by Sharon58

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