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Hey it's Corry writing on our final night in Boston. We've covered some more ground since Chicago and had a big week exploring the North-East. After a couple of days driving we arrived in Niagra Falls, which is a much bigger town that we originally had expected it to be, although it's mostly residential and shopping centres, not much in the way of tourism besides the actual falls. The weather kind of put a dampener on the falls for us unfortunately, we woke up to find the roads and our car covered in about 5cm of snow and being added to. While the cold and snow definitely had an effect on our enjoyment of the falls, we both felt they were a bit lacklustre. They just weren't as big as we'd been led to believe! I guess it would have been better from the Lady of the Mist boat but they weren't running over the winter (fair enough too). So overall it was a bit of a waste of time but no matter, one of the risks of holidaying in the winter!


I forgot to mention one of the more important stops on our trip so far. On our way to Niagra falls we stopped by the greatest town on the planet: Corry, Pennsylvania. It was a cool little town with a historical district and shopping area and most importantly, my name everywhere. There was a Corry Ford dealership, a Corry police force, a Corry Memorial Hospital and a Corry Journal (the local newspaper I got a copy of). We only dropped in for about an hour and unfortunately I didn't get to show off my ID anywhere, a regret I will take to my grave.


We took a day off in some motel outside of a town called Syracuse and then headed in to Boston. We checked in to our hostel which is kind of on the lower end of the hostels we've stayed in but definitely not the worst and the staff were pretty good. To those I told it was in Charlestown, the dodgy area of town, it turns out we're not, but we are only one suburb over. We're at the intersection of Main and School St which on google maps comes up as Charlestown but apparently there's another Main St and School St which intersect in Everett, which is where we actually are, fun times. We took Friday to pretty much just explore the town and pick up some ideas for things to do on the weekend. Saturday morning we got up for a tour of the freedom trail, which is a path through Boston that takes you to all the major historical sights. Our tour guide was in character as a soldier ready to fight the British, complete with a costume. It was a good tour that started in the major park "Boston Common" and finished in Faneuil Hall. It was good having the guide as he told us some of the stories behind some gravestones in the historic Granary Burying Ground, the old state house, the Churches and Faneuil Hall which is essentially just a market.

Beacon Hill

Our tour guide/Colonial character

Granary Burying Ground looking very Tim Burtony in the winter

Part of Old Boston complete with historical CVS pharmacy and McDonald's

That night we went into town for the St Patrick's Day celebrations an-

Sunday came round and we got out of bed to head into "Southie" to watch the parade. Southie is the reallllly Irish part of town and I'm not sure how many people were there in the end but they were expecting six hundred thousand to a million. The footpaths were absolutely packed, and it was one of the worst train rides of my life getting in. Honestly though the parade itself was a bit lame, it was just local politicians and high schools and such walking down the street and some cars, there were no big floats or anything spectacular. I think the Irish just wanted an excuse to street drink, of which there was plenty! The crowd was honestly the most interesting part of the whole thing just because everyone was dressed up in green and going crazy.

large_P1010110.jpg large_P1010129.jpg
The crazy amount of people in the train station and at the parade

Today (Monday) we caught the train into Harvard and checked out the grounds there. Everyone had gotten out of town for spring break (can't say I blame them) so it wasn't full of activity like I imagine it normally would be. We explored a good amount of the grounds and saw all the nice old buildings and they were really nice and really old. After that we headed back into town and went to the bar that inspired the old TV show "Cheers", it was a little underground bar and looked pretty similar to the shows set although it was a bit kitschy and they were really cashing in on the whole Cheers name.

large_P1010145.jpg large_P1010154.jpg
Just stellar photos of Matt and myself at Harvard and the Cheers Bar

Muse - Survival
Also I found this little gem on youtube last week, keep your eye on the pyramid screen. Next up we have Washington DC and Philadelphia before heading to New York to wrap up our American leg. Is anyone even reading this anymore?

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Hey guys.
Sounds like you are having a ball!! I have read every blog :) missing you both so much!!

by tash.nichols

Of course we are still reading. Loving your blog, keep up the good work and the good times.

by A.Leanne

Good story son, shame the St Pats day parade was a fizzer. Niagra falls is only so talked about because of the sheer volume of water, not that tall, Victoria Falls in Africa is much bigger.
Mum showed me the footage from the Muse concert, pretty lucky to get picked out of the crowd for a screen shot.

by Jaydee

BTW, I send a copy to Nan and Uncle Rick, so they read it too.

by Jaydee

Great story about the town of Corry, who'd have thought.
Enjoy your last few weeks in America.

by Sharon58

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